CERTUS Consulting

Certus Consulting would like to discuss the challenges our youth currently faces. In our current educational system, there are more successes than they get credit for. However, we feel that we can strengthen their hands in various ways to produce career-ready young adults.

Here is what we offer

  • Brain Profiling Test

What it is:

  • This test is a brain functionality preference test (How my brain prefers to think)
    • As unique as your DNA

What it is NOT:

  • IQ test
    • Personality test
  • Career Choices:
    • Up to date careers you might never have considered before
    • South African based careers
    • Focusing on the individual to find and connect to their career choice.
  • Study methodology
    • How does my brain prefer to receive and retain information
    • How to work out a workable study program
  • Curriculum vitae
    • Why do we compile a CV this way?
  • Interviews
    • How to conduct an interview
    • What can be expected?.
    • What to wear
    • It’s all in a handshake
    • Body language etc.
    • Social media can make or break your application
    • Practical training of the above
  • Need2know
    • The first 15 seconds
    • Telephone ethics
    • Keeping the balance
  • Career fit
    • How to identify what is Urgent-Important, Urgent, and Important
    • How to manage your workload – ‘project management’
    • How to be proactive with stress
    • Handling work stress
    • What is harassment?
    • Handling harassment
    • How to handle confrontation

What makes our contribution different? Certus Consulting. believes that getting to the practical side is most important. We practice handling harassment etc. with the students. To emphasize their improvement and self-confidence we record the practical sessions, using each individual’s video as a benchmark for self-discovery and enhancement.

There is just so much more to say about our program, however, we realize that in the end, the proof is in the success.