• About the Endurance: The Endurance is an instrument that the Lord has given me Sakkie way back in 1987 to reach out to children and, to make a difference in their lives. Adventure plays a major role in Endurance. I also realized that if I want to implant something into the lives of children I must reach out to them in a different way.
    In short, ENDURANCE involves the following:
    • We introduce Teenagers to themselves and Jesus Christ. Using adventure. This is not a weekend camp.
    • We put some pressure on them so that the masks they carry can fall off.
    • We take young people out of their comfort zone and help them to respond
    differently in difficult situations. By handling situations on the Endurance
    • We show them how to have healthy fun, and to enjoy life without substances they can use or abuse. We teach them that life is not just about yourself. Life is to live properly, but also to serve those around you. Hence our motto! ENDURANCE
    • This is not a five-star holiday. Endurance is a challenge, physically, mentally, and emotionally! For we are holistic beings?
    • We give teens the opportunity during the Endurance to reach out to others around them, to serve, to witness and just to have a great time with other youngsters – No conflict with other cultural and religious groups.
    • We teach them that you only have one life. “You only live once but if you live it right, once is enough”
    Endurance is for everyone and in the past 3 years family’s started to take part in the Endurance with wonderful but wonderful outcome for them. Parents and children working on relations. God is good to them.
  • We plan the next Endurance for June / July 2021. Cycle tour to Malawi via Mozambique, watch this space for info about Malawi Endurance. If permitted we want to do an Endurance in December 2020, this is my dream. 
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Botswana Endurance 2015

Botswana Endurance June 2016

Northern Cape Endurance December 2017

Botswana Endurance Cycle-tour 2018

Karoo, Northern Cape and Namibia Endurance’s June and December 2019

Luukse slaapkamer
Jy kan die brand nie in jou kuite sien nie, Karoo Junie 2019
Catchcart Junie 2019 “Wndy day”
Art Therapy
Comfortable sleeping
Kuruman Des 2019
Outside Hothazel Des 2019
Praying with Farmers handing them gifts Des 2019
Praying for a Farmer Des 2019
Scootering in Namibia Des 2019
Aus Namibia 2019
Luderitz Des 2019
Luderitz Des 2019 “Wise words”
You don’t have to bath, one of our “rules”
Camping Des 2018 Botswana
Kolmanskop Namibia Des 2019
Kathu Des 2019