MAIN SA is an interdenominational Christian Organisation with its focus on benefitting the community positively on a micro, meso and macro level.

Micro – on a one-on-one basis, caring for the heart of the individual

Meso – Uplifting core groups of people, in RSA and beyond, especially the persecuted Christians.

Macro – Taking hope to the persecuted in RSA and all over the world specifically the persecuted countries

They aspire to living The Word of God in this secular world, through presence, assistance, and facilitation.

Their goal is to keep training material fresh and relevant, in an ever-evolving international society, enabling self-actualisation


To serve persecuted and neglected individuals and groups in Africa, and the rest of the world. Equipping them to become confident in Christian faith and serving their community by empowering the good of society and culture.

To work cohesively with leaders and professionals, bringing required skills together, building bridges through communication, interaction, and facilitation.


Uninvasively taking hands with individuals, groups and institutions, by ministering, serving, teaching, coaching, training, and subsequently empowering, communities, to inspire Christian faith, discernment, respect for the self and others, knowledge, endurance and Self-actualisation.

We accomplish our mission through one-on-one appointments, business meetings, presenting at schools and other institutions, testimonies and sharing at churches